ACTUV repair system

The ACTUV repair system is ideal for both starting and seasoned professionals. The high quality dust proof case combines everything you need to get started. The ACTUV repair system is the best tool for quick and easy glass repair, natural stone, composite and ceramics.

Glass repair or repairing natural stone, composite and ceramics made easy with this ACTUV repair system. This ACTUV system combines decades of glass repair experience and have you deliver repairments with professional result.


If it is not clear yet how often or how many repairs you will be carring out? Or is there a need to start with an affordable set? Then this ACTUV repair set is ideal. The advantage is that everything is immediately at available to start with. And if there is a need to upgrade to a more completer set later, this is always possible at a later point in time.


Despite its small size, this ACTUV repair set has standard enough original ACTUV materials to carry out the necessary repairs. With the enclosed wireless 9v UV lamp, a repair can be cured easily and everywhere. And the included 12V drill is a handy and practical aid for drilling a surface and polishing the repaired surface to achieve a crystal-clear result.

Ready to use

With the unique ACTUV repair set you can repair pits, seams and cracks for almost all surfaces, both inside and outside. The wear-resistant and water-resistant ACTUV UV filler is ideal for use in repairing damaged glass, natural stone, composite and ceramic surfaces and edges. Cure ACTUV quickly and easily with UV light and then sand and polish for a smooth finish. Great for repairing damaged kitchen worktops, counters, window sills and tiles.

ACTUV can be used both indoors and outdoors and can even be painted with water-based paint and acrylic paint. It is therefore an excellent alternative to malleable wood because ACTUV can penetrate into the wood before curing and no longer shrinks after curing and thus forms a stronger whole. In order to achieve a qualitative repair that does not require the replacement of the surface. Financially as well as the environment are spared.