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As not all damages to glass, natural stone, composite and ceramics are repairable by polishing or grinding we are proud to present ACTUV®.

With ACTUV® we have designed and produced the next step in quick and easy repairs of damaged glass, natural stone, composite and ceramics with a range of UV-curing consumables and UV- lamps for surface repairs.

ACTUV stone repair Small

Restore surfaces and edges quickly and easily with the usage of UV light

With the unique ACTUV® products you can repair pits, seams and cracks for almost all surfaces, both inside and outside. The wear-resistant and water-resistant ACTUV UV Repair is ideal for use in repairing damaged glass, natural stone, composite and ceramic surfaces and edges. Cure ACTUV Repair quickly and easily with UV light and then sand and polish for a smooth finish. Great for repairing damaged kitchen worktops, counters, window sills and tiles.

ACTUV can be used both indoors and outdoors and can even be painted with water-based paint and acrylic paint. It is therefore an excellent alternative to malleable wood because ACTUV can penetrate into the wood before curing and no longer shrinks after curing and thus forms a stronger whole. In order to achieve a qualitative repair that does not require the replacement of the surface.

ACTUV Restore surfaces and edges

Better safe than sorry, become Pro-ACTUV

When producing and transporting critical surfaces of custom made kitchen worktops, counters or for example machines it is known that damages occur in an instant. Any damaged done gives a big delay and creates costs which are not for seen to get the damage finally undone to the desired standard.

With more than 40 years of experience in the critical surface industry we know that where people work damages occur. With our Pro-ACTUV products we offer instant surface protection which can be cured within a few seconds by means of UV radiation. This makes it very suitable to be used in many settings especially in existing industrial production lines. In order to decrease recurring and not for seen delays and costs we therefore invite you to start working Pro-ACTUV.