About Scratch Away

About Us

At Scratch Away®, we are developing and manufacturing repair and renovation systems for the market of tomorrow. Our technical support gives new and existing service providers the opportunity to include repair and renovation of critical surfaces as part of their business model.

Since our start more than 40 years ago, we have always pursued one goal. A goal that makes it clear what and why things logically have to work in such a way to gain understanding and acceptance from property owners, operators, insurers and inspection bodies; simplicity.

All products and tools in our portfolio provide everything that makes repair and renovation easy and logical to understand and implement.

Demands of the market

At Scratch Away® we listen to the demands of the market. By being present at trade fairs and visiting customers we gather a lot of information. This gives us the opportunity to develop products that are optimized according to the wishes of our customers for everyone.

We therefore work closely with producers and their users of critical surfaces such as glass, stone, and plastic-related surfaces all over the world to achieve a quality result. Because the Scratch Away® products offer simplicity in their work. And our customers love simplicity. But we are not there yet. Every day we do our best at Scratch Away® to develop and improve products. That is why feedback from the market is our most important source of product information.

Making a difference since 1980

Scratch Away® has been the repair pioneer in Europe since 1980. Once the Scratch Away® scratch removal system for glass was introduced, many costs have already been saved by removing scratches in glass production and on site. Not only in terms of money, but also in terms of time and the usage of materials, Scratch Away® has already yielded many savings for the glass industry. The Scratch Away® repair method showed that windows should not always be replaced if damaged. This leads to significant cost savings for both operators, owners, and insurers.

Our goal is to continue to offer simplicity in the field of repair and renovation.


Scratch Away® is continuously working to improve its repair and renovation systems. How can we make things more efficient, faster, and better? How can we simplify the work of the mechanic? This was the drive of the founder and remains the drive of the current owner. In recent years, Scratch Away ® has introduced the Scratch a Way® SAW360 system, the Scratch Away® SAW195 and ACTUV®. We also plan to continue to introduce innovative systems in the coming years.

Scratch Away®, the choice of experts

In our own laboratory, we research, develop, and produce our original Scratch Away materials to be used with our Scratch Away® and ACTUV® tools. To enable our customers to offer the best and safest possible repair and renovation from 1 hand.

Our laboratory maintains a strict quality control for every production batch. All our products are tested intensively before they are approved to be used on the market.

Scratch Away® wants to thank its customers for making our products the choice of experts. It's that simple!