Information Renovation

The producers of the nr. 1 scratch removal system of glass now also offer a system for the renovation of weathered facades. Restore for example windows, entrances, but also billboards and garage doors to new again.

Do your coated or PVC frames and doors look dull and weathered?

Use the Scratch Away® system SAW195 to restore the original gloss and surface texture after years of neglect. With utmost ease and within a short period of time, everything will look like new again. Working with the SAW195 system is simple and requires minimal effort.

The most common surface degradation is caused by the UV light from the sun. Where affected industrial coatings such as powder coating and PVC/plastic window frames and doors will look dull and weathered after years of weather influences. With the use of the Scratch Away SAW195 system, these surfaces are corrected and restored in a clean and controlled manner. As a result of which these surfaces return to their original gloss & surface structure and the surface can certainly withstand them for years to come. The SAW195 system is also ideal for repairing HPL, acrylic and Plexiglas®, epoxy, gelcoat, polyurethane based two-component paint, etc.

working with SAW195

How does the Scratch Away SAW195 machine work?

Due to the multi-orbit-per-rotation and high-torque movements of the SAW195 machine, the entire polishing head has the same speed over the entire polishing surface. With a specially designed mechanism, the torque value of the Scratch Away SAW195 is high, while the speed is low at the same time. This solution minimizes the impact of the load applied by the user, thereby providing greater performance in uniformity of the refurbished surface.

The speed can be easily adjusted without interrupting the renovation process. And with the unique counterweight system, the user experiences minimal vibration, which prevents fatigue in the hands and arms. The number of head rotations is variable and independent of the number of rotations performed. The multi-orbit-per-rotation system is currently the best compromise in terms of effectiveness and quality in surface treatment. This prevents excessive build-up of heat and repetitive motions, which will benefit the result of your renovation.

before and after

Working with what you already have.

Scratch Away SAW195 system is specifically made for this renovation work without the risk of damaging just by working with the materials which are already there. The combination of polishing pads, polishing compounds and the multi-orbit-per-rotation and high-torque movements of the SAW195 machine, restore your surfaces to new and make the appearance of home, shop, hotel, or office attractive and inviting again.