ACTUV LED UV-lamp 9v rechargeable
Rechargeable and wireless ACTUV LED UV lamp for curing ACTUV Prepare and Repair.

The smart wireless LED UV lamp for curing ACTUV Prepare and Repair. This portable LED UV lamp is equipped with a rechargeable 9V battery and makes it possible to work in many positions. With the 3 suction cups and the overhanging lamp, it is also very suitable for use on damaged edges, for example. And thus always ensures the correct distance, taking into account the beam angle of the 7 LEDs.

The wavelength and the amount of UV radiation that ACTUV Prepare and Repair require was the starting point for the development of this wireless UV lamp. The required low wavelength and an optimal design of the power supply on the printed circuit board prevent any form of heat production. Heat production has a negative influence on the shrinkage and the quality of the cured ACTUV. That makes the repair more perceptible and reduces the shear strength of the repair.

The built-in buzzer gives an audible signal when the UV LED lamp is on. A beep will sound every ten seconds and once the optimum cure time has elapsed, the lamp will automatically turn off and a beep will sound that it is ready. This limits the amount of energy and time wasted for the user by keeping him / her informed of every step in the curing process.

A standard 9V, 300NiMH battery can perform up to 60 cures. Once the 9v battery has reached 6v, the lamp will stop working and can be recharged via included USB charger. The USB charger operates on standard 5v USB outputs and can charge from 5.2v back to 9v.