SAW195 Polishing pad yellow
To maximize the result and maintenance of your renovation projects, offering all the advantages of wool and designed specifically for the SAW195 machine which delivers a high torque. Great if you are looking for something safe to use to restore in a durable and payable manner in combination with the Scratch Away Recharge Step 2 compound.

Scratch Away SAW195 Polishing pad yellow is the final step to restore and maintain for example powder coated surfaces and plastic surfaces after years of degradation by UV-light, dirty water, -air, and acid. The distinct design of this pad offers natural fibbers with multiple lengths, which polish away some remaining fine defects and create a high gloss finish. Combined with the micro-abrasive technology from the Scratch Away Recharge Step 2 compound it effortlessly finishes your renovation in a single pass.

Predictable finishing results

The unique multi-orbit-per-rotation and high-torque movement of the SAW195 machine can easily push a standard polishing pad past its breaking point, resulting in rough movements, loss of support, comfort, and performance. Which lead to unpredictable finishing results. The used foam of the SAW195 Polishing pad yellow offers great support, comfort and performance required to get the best renovation result in the end. It is therefore a crucial part of the system, which during the renovation contributes to long-term lubrication between machine and surface and can therefore provide a high-quality finish. The result is obtained by using the Scratch SAW195 Polishing pad yellow; a formula specifically developed to work in harmony with the multi-orbit-per-rotation and high torque of the SAW195 machine

For delicate surfaces

This Scratch Away SAW195 Polishing pad yellow is our finest wool polishing pad and is to be used when renovating powder coating, plastic surfaces, epoxy, gel coat, polyurethane-based two-component paint, etc. All these materials are without clear coat and therefore extremely delicate to ultimately provide the entire surface with a uniform high gloss. The Scratch Away SAW195 Polishing pad yellow should be paired with the Scratch Away Recharge Step 2 compound.

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